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6 Aug 2010

Mexico pays tribute to Rock Demers

The 15th Children’s Film Festival of Mexico, which will take place from August 8 to 15, 2010, will pay tribute to Quebecer Rock Demers, father of Tales for All. A Cargo to Africa by Québec producer Roger Cantin and starring Pierre Lebeau. This feature will also be screened in the festival’s official competition.

Rock Demers to attend
The Festival’s program includes a round table discussion with Rock Demers and Robert Roy, Director of the Fonds indépendant de production du Québec (Québec independent production fund). The event will screen a number of well-known films by the producer, such as:

    • The Dog Who Stopped the War
    • Bach and Broccoli
    • Tadpole and the Whale
    • Vincent and Me
    • Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler.

Since its creation, the Children’s Film Festival of Mexico screens an average of one tale from Tales for All every year. Since all the tales are translated into Spanish, the audience will have no trouble understanding them. In addition, many of these productions have already been shown in Spain and Mexico on television and DVD.

The tribute to the work of Mr. Demers will be made by the organizers of the festival in collaboration with the Québec Government Office in Mexico City. Mexican film experts will also attend the tribute, which will take place at Mexico’s National Film Library on Thursday, August 12.

Another project in view
Rock Demers wants to take advantage of his visit in Mexico to try and reach a coproduction agreement with his Mexican counterparts for a feature-length film. Demers is currently working on the film adaptation of The Legend of Gilgamesh, created by Montreal filmmaker Lundmila Zeman, which tells the story of a king who lived some 7,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia.

La Matatena (in spanish)
Québec Government Office in Mexico City (in french)
Québec-Mexico relations
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