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20 Aug 2010

Québec-US relations

Premier Charest and Governor Douglas (right) Photo: Philippe Renaud

Québec Premier Jean Charest and Vermont Governor James H. Douglas recently took part in a round table on Québec-US relations. The event was part of the University of Sherbrooke’s summer school on North American integration and crossborder relations.

The Premier took the opportunity to pay tribute to Québec’s “extensive and diversified” relations with Vermont.

Key issues

The two leaders discussed a variety of key issues concerning Québec-US relations. Mr. Charest also:

    • Outlined the main goals underlying the Québec government’s US strategy.

    • Expressed support for increased North American economic integration. The Premier also intends to assist companies with their export ventures and strengthen links with financial investors in the US.

    • Emphasized how security is often a prerequisite for trade. Since maintaining an open and efficient border facilitating the legitimate flow of goods and people is a daunting challenge, Québec remains committed to North American security efforts and encourages compliance with various programs aimed at facilitating border crossings.

    • Indicated that Québec’s and the US’s actions in the areas of energy and environmental protection are interrelated. The Premier emphasized the role that Québec can play in achieving greenhouse gas reduction targets and cited various energy-related initiatives that have already been launched.

    • Emphasized the importance of Québec’s participation in regional forums.

Moreover, the Québec Delegate General in New York, John Parisella, and the Québec Delegate General in Mexico City, Marcel Gaudreau, spoke respectively on August 16 and August 18.

The Québec Delegate General in New York presented the relations between Québec and the United States especially in the fields of economy, energy, environment et security. For its part, the Québec Delegate General in Mexico City discussed the political and institutional relations between Québec and Mexico.

University of Sherbrooke: summer program

The inaugural edition of the University of Sherbrooke’s summer school on North American integration and crossborder relations was organized by Stéphane Paquin and Annie Chaloux of the institution’s School of Applied Political Science.

The program provided some 100 participants with a forum to examine all aspects of North American crossborder relations and to discuss the pressing issues of tomorrow.

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