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20 Sep 2010

China: Québec wins an award!

René Milot, Director of the Québec Government Office in Beijing, with Zhang JiGang, Deputy Director-General of the Shandong Provincial Foreign Affairs Office

On September 10, Québec was recognized for its close ties of cooperation and friendship with the Chinese province of Shandong. The Director of the Québec Government Office in Beijing, René Milot, had the honour of receiving the award from Chen HaoSu, Chairman of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, at a ceremony held in the presence of Chinese government representatives.

Nominated by the authorities of the Province of Shandong, Québec was selected based on the broad-ranging relationships it has built and the quality and success of its exchanges.

The award is jointly bestowed by two Chinese organizations active in the development of cooperative ties between China and foreign countries:

  • The Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries
  • The China International Friendship Cities Association.

Close cooperative ties

This prize testifies to Shandong’s appreciation of the cooperative ties it has developed with Québec and the interest shown by Québec in the Chinese province, notably through the establishment of a bilateral working group.

An agreement on the development of friendly ties and exchanges between Québec and Shandong was signed in 2008. The Government of Québec committed itself to supporting projects aimed at:

  • Strengthening population mobility
  • Promoting the development of both societies
  • Promoting mutual understanding.

Québec Government Office in Beijing
Québec-Shandong Working Group (in French)
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