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26 Nov 2010

Jean Charest’s meeting in Paris

Jean Charest, Québec’s Premier, and François Fillon, Prime Minister of the French Republic Photo: Patrick Lazic

As part of the 16th Alternating Meeting of Québec’s Premier and France’s Prime Minister, Jean Charest, Québec’s Premier, and François Fillon, Prime Minister of the French Republic, agreed on new actions that seek to strengthen relations between Québec and France.

Creating greater professional mobility between France and Québec

Based on the overwhelming success in implementing the Québec-France Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications, both governments intend to make it easier to join the workforce for those who would like to take advantage of greater mobility.
Québec and France are announcing a new immigration agreement that paves the way for the creation of a mobility zone and support migrant workers in their efforts to join the workforce. Thus, Québec and France have agreed to work together toward making it easier for workers to enter, stay and obtain work permits in their respective territories. The agreement also discusses employment access, orientation and integration systems and terms and conditions for job searches.

Increasing cooperation between regions of France and Québec

Both Québec’s Premier and France’s Prime Minister were delighted by the signing of 26 agreements on economic and technology cooperation projects between businesses, research centres and universities in Québec and France. These projects will be carried out in the aerospace, biotechnology, new technical material/textile and nutrition/nutraceutical sectors and their agreements were signed in Paris during the plenary session of the France-Québec symposium on fields of excellence and competitiveness clusters.

Cooperative efforts in international adoption

Québec and France agreed to work together on efforts to encourage Haiti to sign The Hague Convention on Protection of Children. They have announced that a working meeting will be held in Montreal in December, with the host country, in order to develop a common strategy on determining the kind of support that can be provided to Haiti.

“Adoption is one of the sectors in which Québec would like become more involved in order to provide Haiti
the expertise it needs to complete international adoption procedures that are in the child’s greatest interest. The meeting in Québec with the host country’s main international adoption authorities will provide some common food for thought on this complicated subject,” declared Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, the Minister of International Relations and Minister responsible for La Francophonie.

50th anniversary of the Québec Government Office in Paris

Finally, Premier Charest and Prime Minister François Fillon unveiled initial programming for activities in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Québec Government Office in Paris in 2011, which was inaugurated during the Quiet Revolution. The activities scheduled will allow actors and participants in French-Québec relations to discuss joint issues. Events that target both general and regional participation in France will be organized.

Québec-France relations
Québec Government Office in Paris
50th anniversary of the Québec Government Office in Paris
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