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8 Dec 2010

Climate change: Québec reaffirms its leadership

Premier Charest and the Premier of South Australia, Mike Rann

At the end of his visit to the Climate Leaders Summit, the Premier of Québec, Jean Charest, left Cancun with the conviction that the actions of the federated states are putting significant pressure on the international negotiations surrounding the fight against climate change.

Premier Charest met with the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón. The Mexican Foreign Minister, Patricia Espinosa, and the Secretary of the Economy, Bruno Ferrari, also attended the meeting. Mr. Calderón and Mr. Charest discussed the need to follow up on the Kyoto Protocol, notably by focussing on making pragmatic short- and long-term decisions, especially regarding the funding mechanisms for initiatives aimed at developing countries.

The Premier also gave a speech at the opening of the Leaders Summit, making a heartfelt appeal to his federated state and regional partners to accelerate the transition to an economy based more on our innovative capacity and the development of green technologies.

The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Pierre Arcand, who also participated in the mission, announced that Québec’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2008 had dropped below 1990 levels by 1.2 %. “This is excellent news and testifies to our ability to reduce our emissions despite significant economic and demographic growth. We are confident that we will reach our 20 % reduction goal by 2020,” said Minister Arcand.

Recognized commitment

At the Leaders Summit, Mike Rann, presented Premier Charest with the South Australian International Climate Change Award. In honour of the work accomplished by the Government of Québec, South Australia will name an urban forest zone in honour of Premier Charest.

This international award was created in 2009 by South Australia. It is presented annually to a head of government of a federated state or region in recognition of his or her notable contribution and tangible commitment to the fight against climate change.

As a federated state, Québec plays an enabling role on the international scene. Through its active participation in various international groupings and networks such as nrg4SD, the Western Climate Initiative, and the Climate Group, the Government of Québec works to develop a common and constructive approach with a view to tackling the challenge of climate change.
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