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1 Nov 2011

15th edition of the Journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale

The Journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale (Québec Days for International Solidarity) will be held for the 15th consecutive year from November 1 to 12. A broad range of awareness-raising activities will be held for people of all ages on the theme “Le temps d’agir” (It’s time to take action) that is aimed at getting participants to reflect on the challenges of solidarity and civic involvement.

The activities, which will be held across Québec, are organized by the Association québécoise des organismes de coopération internationale (AQOCI) with funding from the Ministère des Relations internationales (MRI).

Opening ceremonies

The opening ceremonies for the 15th Journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale were held in Montréal on November 1 and in Sherbrooke on November 2. Serge Halimi, the President and Director of the monthly newspaper Le monde diplomatique was the keynote speaker. The goal of this standard-setting French newspaper, which is distributed in many countries, is to provide in-depth analyses that provide a view of the challenges facing the current world from a different angle.

Marc Croteau, the Deputy Minister at MRI, will also speak at the opening ceremony in Montréal, while Donald Leblanc, the Director of the International Solidarity–Haiti, Sub-Saharan Africa Division, will speak at the ceremony in Sherbrooke. The Government of Québec is very proud to have been associated with the event since its inception in 1997. The Journées québécoises de la solidarité internationale are a unique occasion to mobilize all Quebecers. The government would also like to congratulate AQOCI and its members for this initiative, which contributes to promoting the desire among Quebecers to take action as responsible citizens.
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