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7 Dec 2011

Québec-Shandong relations make economic news in China

<div id="agrandir" style="cursor:hand;font-size:10px;color:grey;/*margin-top:-1em;*/" onclick="popup.open('http://www.mri.gouv.qc.ca/PDF/actualites/Photo_Shandong_recadre_500.jpg')">Click to enlarge</div> <span style="font-size:10px;color:grey;/*margin-top:-1em;*/"> Launch of the new Shandong Publication and Press Co. Ltd (SPPC) which has forged close ties with the Québec company Tembec. Far left: Daniel Dignard, Director of the Québec Government Office in Beijing. </span>

Québec-Shandong relations were a focal point of China’s economic news this week. The new Director of the Québec Government Office in Beijing, Daniel Dignard, alongside the Governor of Shandong, Jiang Daming, made an economic news announcement concerning Shandong Publication and Press Co. Ltd (SPPC) and Tembec. Governor Daming officially announced the launch of the SPPC, a new company that now comprises all of Shandong’s paper conversion and printing industry. The strategy is intended to boost Shandong Province’s leadership role and strengthen the current partnership with the Québec-based company Tembec.

Tembec has been maintaining business operations in Beijing since 1998. Its pulp and paper sales are on the point of exceeding 300 million dollars, ranking Tembec among Québec’s top companies in China. Some 400 guests were on hand for the announcement, including members of the media and Jinan business community. The Québec Government Office in Beijing and Tembec underscored the importance and vitality of Québec-Shandong relations.

It should be recalled that in 2008, Québec Premier Jean Charest signed an agreement on developing bonds of friendship and fostering exchanges with Shandong and that he has already made three trips to the area. A trade mission that he led last September was his most recent visit.

Daniel Dignard assumed his duties as Director of the Québec Government Office in Beijing on October 24.

Québec Government Office in Beijing
Cooperation agreement – science and technology – between Québec and Shandong (in French)

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