Québec positions itself as a key partner for global electric transportation and green economy leaders at the VerdeXchange Conference

Quebec City, January 29, 2014 - Daniel Breton, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier for Transport Electrification, attended the 7th VerdeXchange Conference in Los Angeles from January 26 to 28. This major event is dedicated to promoting green technologies and the green economy, making it the ultimate forum for Québec to advertise its expertise and strengthen its relations with major players in the industry.

In his speech before nearly 200 business representatives, policymakers and experts, Breton outlined the Québec government’s transportation electrification strategy. The Parliamentary Assistant was joined by Chantal Guimont, Director of Transportation Electrification at Hydro-Québec, and Jonathan Carley, Vice President of CO2 Solutions, who presented Québec’s latest advances in green vehicles and carbon dioxide capture techniques.

Electric vehicles, fertile ground for growth

Breton reminded the audience at the Conference’s morning plenary that Québec is the top market for electric vehicles in Canada, with over 40% of the total sales, and should continue to be thanks to its incentives for consumers, the various initiatives of its transportation electrification strategy and other measures. “We are setting rules, instituting policies and developing programs and projects with great potential, and they are driving our companies to be innovative, creative and bold.” He pointed out that Québec has one of the best greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction records in North America, due in part to its cap and trade system for GHG allowances, which was recently linked to California's, and the fact that hydroelectricity and wind energy make up 98% of its energy source.

In conjunction with the conference, Breton spoke to Mary Nichols, President of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and expressed Québec’s interest in working closely with California to promote green vehicles in the same way they cooperated in the carbon market project. He also spoke to Robert Hertzberg, a candidate in the California Senate race, and representatives from the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to assess the potential for joint electromobility projects.

Sharing expertise with the international community

During the conference, Breton learned more about current best practices abroad, electric and autonomous vehicle regulations in effect around the world, and recent technological breakthroughs. He encouraged all decision-makers to unite their efforts toward productive cooperation in the area of transportation electrification. “When we encourage research initiatives and do our part to integrate and market technologies faster, the entire international community gains, both economically and in terms of sustainable development," he stated. Breton invited all of the industry’s major players to come to Montreal in 2016 for the 29th World Electric Vehicle Symposium, the largest international forum in this industry.

It should be noted that the Québec government unveiled its Transportation Electrification Strategy 2013-2017 on November 1, 2013. Transportation electrification is a pillar of Québec's Economic Policy and a focus of its efforts to create jobs, draw investments and generate wealth.


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