Minister's Message

Photo of Minister Nadine GiraultIn October 2018, Premier François Legault entrusted me with the responsibility of the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (Ministry of International Relations and La Francophonie) to spearhead international actions that are more focused on the economy and commerce for the benefit of Quebecers.

The Government of Québec has high ambitions for Québec’s prosperity. For this reason, we have undertaken a major economic shift in our international relations. Actions by my Ministère are therefore aimed at increasing Québec’s economic strike force abroad, shaping its access to the billion potential consumers provided by European and Asian free trade areas, and attracting more foreign investment and skilled labour.

Africa also offers new partnership opportunities for Québec both commercially and in the cultural and educational sectors, as well as with respect to human rights. Our “Africa Vision” includes the creation of a multi-sector bridge for collaboration and partnerships between Québec and the African continent that will enable us to foster expertise sharing and support for best practices, especially in these areas.

Working to promote our cutting-edge sectors, such as artificial intelligence, aerospace and life sciences; providing more visibility for our artists and young entrepreneurs; raising the profile of our identity, culture, language and values; better supporting our representatives abroad by establishing an institute of diplomacy; and developing a strategy for conquering foreign markets: These are just a few examples of other projects my Ministère is pursuing as it strives to consistently better serve the interests of Quebecers.

As Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, I am proud to be involved in modernizing Québec’s international actions with an eye to enhancing its influence and prosperity.

The Minister,
Nadine Girault

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