Québec considers Senegal as a priority for strengthening its political and multisectoral relations with Sub-Saharan Africa.

Because of their linguistic proximity and cultural connections, and their long-standing political relations arising from their membership in the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, Québec and Senegal have a strong and enduring relationship, especially in the areas of cooperation and international solidarity.

In May 2016, the government opened the Québec Bureau in Dakar, which subsequently became the Québec General Delegation in Dakar (DGQD) on August 15, 2018. The status upgrade of this Québec government office in Senegal marks a first on the African continent. The DGQD ensures a permanent presence with Senegalese government and works onsite to develop long-term political and multi-sectoral relations with Senegal.

Last update: 2020-04-28 4:29:44 PM