Areas of collaboration

International aid and cooperation

Haiti is the primary beneficiary of the Québec International Development Program (PQDI).

  • Since 1997, over 140 projects have received funding under the program.
  • The Québec Sans Frontières Program, which enables young people aged 18 to 35 to participate in international solidarity internships, resumed its activities in Haiti in 2013, after an absence of ten years.
  • Most Canadian non-governmental international cooperation organizations working in Haiti come from Québec.

For more information, the International Solidarity section.

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Cooperation between Québec and Haiti

Québec and Haiti have forged cooperative relations in various areas, including culture (through, among others, the Déclaration commune de coopération dans les domaines de la culture et des communications), governance, tourism, education and training.

In order to regulate, perpetuate and expand collaborative initiatives with Haiti, a call for structured cooperation projects between Québec and Haiti has been launched in target sectors every year since 2012 by the Government of Québec and Haitian authorities. Since the launch of this cooperation mechanism in 2012, over forty initiatives, all jointly submitted by Québec and Haitian organizations, have been supported by Québec.

Québec prioritizes the sharing of expertise in its cooperation with Haiti and supports public and private initiatives in areas where it has proven know-how. Québec was notably involved, from 2007 to 2015, with the governments of Haiti and Canada, in the Haitian Governance Enhancement Project (PARGEP). The aim of this innovative initiative was to bolster the decisional and operational structures of the Haitian government and to contribute to the development of a professional civil service. Under this agreement, the Government of Québec has made some of its experts available to the Government of Haiti for short-term missions aimed at responding to Haitian knowledge and know-how needs in the area of public administration.

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