China is Québec’s largest trading partner in Asia and its second largest economic partner in the world. China is a major focus of Québec’s international relations.

Ties between Québec and China are underpinned by over three decades of exchanges in every field. Nine cooperation agreements are currently in force between China and Québec in fields as varied as higher education, science and technology, and trade.

In addition to its relations with the central Chinese government, Québec maintains close ties with Shandong Province and Shanghai Municipality, with which it has signed multisectoral cooperation agreements. Montréal has, moreover, been twinned with Shanghai since 1985 while an agreement has twinned Québec City with Xi’an (Shaanxi) since 2001.

Québec representation in China

Québec has been present in China for over 15 years. A first office was opened in Beijing in 1998, followed by another in Shanghai in 1999. A new trade office was also opened in Qingdao, in Shandong Province, in 2016.

The main roles of these offices are:

  • The promotion of Québec’s interests in China
  • Economic development and the setting up of partnerships between the Chinese and Québec business communities
  • The creation, consolidation and coordination of political, institutional, cultural, scientific, technological and educational ties between Québec and China

China opened a consulate general in Montréal in 2011.

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