Political and institutional relations

The signing of the first agreement between Québec and China in the field of education (1980) in the wake of the first mission to China by a Québec minister in 1979 laid the cornerstone of modern political relations between Québec and China. The first mission by a Québec Premier took place in October 1984 when René Lévesque visited China. The Chinese Premier at the time, Zhao Ziyang, had paid an official visit to Québec the previous January. These two events bolstered ties between Québec and China, which have continued to expand over 30 years in every field of endeavour. The number of ministerial missions to China—over 70 by ministers and 8 by premiers—bear witness to the strength of the ties forged between our societies.

More recent official missions by Québec to China:

  • Minister of Energy and Natural Resources (2017)
  • Minister of Health and Social Services (2017)
  • Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection, Public Health and Healthy Living (November 2016)
  • Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie (March 2016)
  • President of the National Assembly (January 2016)
  • Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (September 2015)
  • Premier and Minister of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (October 2014)
  • Minister of International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade (October 2013)
  • Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (November 2012)
  • Premier and Minister of International Relations (September 2011)

More recent official visits by Chinese delegations to Québec:

  • Deputy Secretary-General of the Shanghai Municipal Government (June 2017)
  • Prime Minister of China (September 2016)
  • Deputy Communist Party Secretary for Shandong Province (April 2016)
  • Vice Chairman of the Shandong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee (September 2015)
  • Member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Department of Organization of the Chinese Communist Party of Shanghai Municipality (June 2015)
  • Executive Deputy Governor of Shanghai Province (April 2015)
  • Deputy Chairman of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (September 2014)
  • Minister of Health of China (May 2012)
  • Deputy Governor of Shandong Province (March 2012)

Agreements signed between Québec and China:

  • Cultural cooperation agreement (2018)
  • Cooperation agreement in the fields of education and higher education (renewed for five years in 2015)
  • Cooperation agreement in the fields of science and technology (2011)

Agreements signed between Québec and Chinese provinces and municipalities:

Shandong Province

  • Multisectorial cooperation agreement between Québec and Shandong (2008)
  • Cooperation agreement in the fields of science and technology between Québec and Shandong (2006, renewed in 2011) to which a complementary agreement was later added

Shanghai Municipality

  • Economic cooperation agreement between Québec and Shanghai (2015)
  • Multisectorial cooperation agreement between Québec and Shanghai (2011)
  • Cooperation agreement in the fields of science and technology between Québec and Shanghai (1996, renewed in 2005 and 2011)

Other provinces

  • Economic, scientific and technological agreement between Québec and Hubei (1994).

Relations between Québec and Shandong

Québec and Shandong, which have both been members of the Conference of Heads of Government of Partner Regions since the implementation of this initiative, have forged close collaborative ties in various areas since 2002, including the economy, trade, science and technology, education, training and tourism.

These ties were strengthened in August 2008 with the signing of an agreement aimed at developing friendly ties and exchanges between Québec and Shandong. This agreement provided for the creation of a joint working group whose mandate is to spur cooperation between the two partners, notably by selecting projects submitted by both parties. Since 2009, the working group has met five times at two-year intervals. Some thirty bilateral projects, notably in the fields of university research, medical research, museology and vocational and technical training, have been funded and carried out.

For more information on bilateral cooperation between Québec and Shandong (French only).

Relations between Québec and Shanghai

Québec and Shanghai are long-standing partners. In 1996, Québec and the Chinese metropolis signed a cooperation agreement in the fields of science and technology, which was renewed in 2005 and 2011. In 2011, Québec and Shanghai signed a multisectorial agreement aimed at further facilitating exchanges and cooperation between the two partners.

In 2015, Québec and Shanghai added an economic cooperation agreement to their bilateral tools. The agreement targets complementary sectors such as the environment and green building, healthcare, entertainment, high tech and maritime transportation and reinforces their collaboration in the promotion of trade shows and the organization of trade missions by both parties.

Twinning of cities

Shanghai and Montréal signed a twinning agreement in 1985, which is renewed every three years. The twinning, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015, has resulted in the following initiatives:

  • Cooperation in the field of municipal management
  • Collaboration between the two cities in the organization of Mosaiculture International
  • Gift from Shanghai of the Chinese Garden to the Montréal Botanical Garden
  • Opening of the Montréal Garden in Shanghai
  • Construction of Espace Montréal at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Québec City has been twinned since 2001 with Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China. The main achievements of the twinning have been:

  • The Québec-Xi’an-Changchun economic forum held in Québec City in 2001 and in Xi’an in 2003
  • China’s participation in Expo Québec in 2001
  • The Xi’an, Eternal Capital exhibition at the Musée de la civilisation with its life-size terracotta soldiers on loan from China
  • A joint project between Université Laval and the Ministry of Health of Shaanxi Province to develop an awareness program on the harmful effects of smoking.

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