Areas of collaboration

Québec’s efforts to establish collaborative relations with China are essentially set out in priorities 1 and 3 of Québec’s International Policy.

Building a more prosperous Québec

The world’s second largest economic power, China is Québec’s largest trading partner in Asia and second in the world.

In 2016, trade between Québec and China stood at almost $13.8 billion, a 3.1% increase over 2015. The Québec and Chinese markets both offer many attractive business and partnership opportunities.

See information on trade between Québec and China (French only)


In 2016, the value of exports of goods from Québec to China totalled $3 billion, a 12.1% increase over 2015. They accounted for 42.9% of Québec exports to Asia and 3.8% of all international exports of goods by Québec.

Main products exported by Québec to China in 2016:

  • Airplanes, helicopters and other aerial vehicles (14.3% of the total)
  • Iron ore and concentrates (9.5%)/li>
  • Fresh, refrigerated and frozen pork (8.2%)
  • Passenger cars and other types of vehicles (7.9%)
  • Semi-chemical wood pulp (5.2%)


In 2016, the value of imports of goods into Québec from China totalled $10.8 billion, a 0.9% increase over 2015. They accounted for 63.9% of the value of Québec imports from Asia and 12.5% of total international imports into Québec.

Main products imported by Québec from China in 2016:

  • Computers and related parts (8.0% of total)
  • Telephones and related parts (3.5%)
  • Leather, plastic and textile trunks and suitcases (2.7%)
  • Toys, models and puzzles (2.5%)
  • Lighting fittings and related parts (2.3%)

Promoting Québec’s creativity, culture, knowledge and specificity

Research, innovation and knowledge development

China and Québec have a burgeoning relationship in research and science and technology in a broad range of sectors. The main institutional mechanism set up to help develop ties between Chinese and Québec partners is the Québec-China cooperation agreement in the fields of science and technology, which was signed in 1995 and renewed in 2005 and 2011.

Through this tool, China and Québec jointly fund promising research projects to the tune of CA$1.5 million each over three years. Four calls for projects have been held since 2007, the most recent in 2016. Thus far, the first three Québec-China calls for projects resulted in $9.2 million in funding for 16 projects.

The priority sectors are:

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals
  • Renewable energies
  • The environment and sustainable development
  • New bio-sourced materials and products
  • Health
  • Life sciences, especially genomics, proteomics, RNomics and synthetic biology
  • Marine sciences
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT), especially green ICT and health-oriented ICT.

Science and technology cooperation agreements have also been signed with the City of Shanghai and Shandong Province.

Education and higher education

Exchanges in the fields of education and higher education between Québec and China have been a cornerstone of Québec-China relations since the early 1970s.

The key to this bilateral relationship, the agreement in the field of education and higher education between Québec and China, was signed in 1980 and has been renewed seven times since then. Over the years, it has enabled hundreds of Chinese students to take advantage of supplemental tuition fee exemptions or merit-based awards in order to study in Québec.

Numerous Quebecers in turn have received bursaries offered by the Chinese government for internships or university studies in China. The two parties have also agreed to promote Québec and Chinese studies through this agreement.


Québec cultural enterprises and organizations are making outstanding contributions in several sectors in China, especially the performing arts (circus, theatre, dance, music, etc.), visual arts and the entertainment business.

Every year, international events held in Québec feature Chinese presenters and programmers with the goal of growing the Chinese market for Québec artists and cultural enterprises and organizations.

In addition, the Government of Québec funds the participation of numerous Québec artists and culture stakeholders in showcases and major events in China, including the Shanghai Performing Arts Fair, the Shanghai International Film Festival, the China International Performing Arts Summit and the China International Performing Arts Fair.

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