Agreements and Conventions

Participation by Québec in international agreements

In concert with the federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF) ensures compliance with areas under Québec's constitutional jurisdiction in the conduct of foreign affairs by following international discussions likely to require a commitment by the Government of Québec in the short, medium or long term. MRIF coordinates the preparation of Québec's positions, which are submitted to the federal representatives involved in international negotiations that may lead to the signing or ratification of international agreements involving areas under Québec jurisdiction. MRIF also coordinates the preparation of all documents tabled in international forums, and assigns representatives to Canadian delegations responsible for such negotiations.

MRIF is in charge of the process leading to government approval of international commitments and ensures compliance with these commitments in Québec. It is thus the body that makes sure all international commitments the government has made in its areas of jurisdiction are respected.

Treaties currently applied:

Treaties on the path to approval:

Conventions by which Québec has declared itself to be bound:

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