Bilateral relations

Québec's bilateral relations with federated states and regions

The Government of Québec maintains bilateral relations with some thirty federated states and regions around the world, mainly in Western Europe and North America, but also in Asia and South America. Trade, education, culture, the environment, science and innovation are at the core of the relations between Québec and its partners. These relations allow the parties to share knowledge on issues for which they are responsible, exchange best practices and create linkages between economic and social actors.

Québec's bilateral relations with federated states and regions are an essential vehicle for Québec's international actions. They facilitate access to political, economic and cultural networks at both the regional and central government levels. By increasing Québec's capacity for action, they also benefit all of Québec society.

United States

Québec has long-standing relations with a number of U.S. states. Initially, these ties revolved around cross-border issues. Today, relations between Québec and its American partners, particularly New York State, Vermont and California, serve as a platform for joint efforts to solve problems related to issues such as closer North American economic integration, cross-border crime and environmental protection. Thanks to its leadership deployed via six government offices in the United States (located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C.), Québec is able to promote and defend its interests on a reciprocal basis.


  • agreement on environmental cooperation regarding management of Lake Champlain, signed with New York State and Vermont (2003)
  • bilateral cooperation agreements with Maine (2004), Massachusetts (2007), New Hampshire (2004) and Vermont (2004), covering the sharing of information for law-enforcement purposes
  • Québec–New York summits aimed primarily at businesspeople (2002, 2004, 2005, 2008).


Québec also maintains constructive relations with many European regions, including Wallonia, Flanders, Bavaria, Catalonia, Lombardy and several regions in France. These relations open a door for Québec to the networks of political, economic, cultural and social decision-makers at the regional, national and European levels. They also facilitate the forging of alliances and coalitions to deal with issues of importance to Québec. Lastly, these relations help to create business opportunities for Québec companies.

Québec's bilateral relations with federated states and regions are also a gateway to Latin America and Asia. One example is the 2008 agreement to develop ties of friendship and exchanges between Québec and Shandong, China. In Brazil, Québec is developing special relations with the State of Sâo Paulo, where a Québec government office was opened in 2008. In Mexico, three multisectoral cooperation agreements have been signed with the states of Jalisco (2006), Guanajuato (2006) and Nuevo León (2009). Several collaborative activities have been launched in the fields of education, culture, the economy, the environment, youth and tourism.

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