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16 Dec 2014

Pauline Marois presents Québec economic policy to Europeans

“The need to innovate has opened doors for us. Innovation is fundamental for Québec’s economy, one of the most diversified and open in North America.”

Yesterday in Monaco, Premier Pauline Marois described the main thrusts of Québec’s new economic policy (“Putting Jobs First”), which includes a transportation electrification strategy, to the participants in the World Policy Conference (WPC). This year’s edition of the international forum drew over 300 high-profile representatives of the worlds of politics and business.

The Premier outlined Québec’s economic, social and political governance orientations.

She also stressed that Québec’s numerous sectors of excellence, such as life sciences, aerospace and the social economy, bear witness to Québec’s spirit of innovation and creativity.

According to Premier Marois, the Québec government is the “political expression of the francophone experience in North America” and, as such, it accepts the challenges and advantages that come with Québec’s status as a nation. Among other things, this nation status empowers Québec to engage in international relations.

She pointed out that Québec has always been in favour of free trade and was an enthusiastic promoter of the North American Free Trade Agreement and, more recently, the Canada–European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement.

The Premier’s presence at the WPC was Québec’s first participation in the annual event, held by the Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI).

The WPC was also an opportunity for Premier Marois to meet with France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius.

The next stop on the Premier’s mission to Europe is Brussels, where she will meet with political decision-makers and speak to a group of Belgian and European businesspeople.

Economic Policy: Putting Jobs First
World Policy Conference

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