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21 Feb 2014

Cégep international to help train Brazilian teachers

Left to right: Gilles Mascle, Attaché, Public and Educational Affairs, Québec government office in São Paulo; Ricardo Figueiredo Terra, Technical Director, SENAI São Paulo; Élise Racicot, Director, Québec government office in São Paulo; Sylvie Thériault, Executive Director, Cégep international; Ricardo Santa-Rosa, Manager, Education Sector, SENAI São Paulo; Paulo Rogerio Borges, Supervisor, Education Sector, SENAI São Paulo.

Cégep international, an organization devoted to promoting Québec colleges internationally, has announced the signing of a service agreement with Brazil’s SENAI São Paulo, part of Latin America’s largest network of technical and vocational training institutions.

Under the agreement, Cégep international will provide SENAI São Paulo with support for developing its employees’ teaching and distance-training skills.

From March 28 to April 18, two groups of seven SENAI São Paulo employees will take a training course provided by Collège Montmorency, Cégep de Saint-Jérôme and Cégep à distance.

Cégep international

Cégep international’s mission consists in helping its members design and deploy internationalization strategies and contributing to the Québec college network’s national and international impact.

The organization facilitates international student enrolments, organizes foreign internships for college students and promotes teacher mobility.

About 30 Brazilian students are currently enrolled in Québec CEGEPs (general and vocational colleges), within the framework of the Brazilian government’s “Science Without Borders” program.

The South American program is aimed at promoting the consolidation and expansion of science, technology and innovation in Brazil, by means of international exchanges and mobility.

SENAI São Paulo

“SENAI” stands for “Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial” — Portuguese for “National Service for Industrial Training.” Created in 1942, it plays a key role in producing and disseminating knowledge within the Brazilian industrial sector.

Its mission is to help strengthen the country’s industrial sector and encourage sustainable development. It has trained 55 million professionals since its creation.

With branches in all Brazilian states, SENAI provides technical training at the secondary, college and university levels.

Cégep international (in French)
Québec government office in São Paulo

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