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24 Feb 2014

Québec wants gazelles!

Élaine Zakaïb, Minister for Industrial Policy and the Banque de développement économique du Québec, has launched a call for candidates for the selection of 300 high-performance small and medium-sized businesses, consisting of 100 “gazelles” (high-growth businesses) and 200 promising businesses with a chance of becoming tomorrow’s gazelles.

The initiative is aligned with Québec’s Industrial Policy for 2013-2017, released by Minister Zakaïb in October of last year.

Export Québec will play a key role in the initiative, among other ways by helping high-potential businesses identify appropriate partners and become part of global value chains.

According to Élaine Zakaïb, “To reach its full potential, the Québec manufacturing sector has to increase the number of medium-sized businesses, which have a greater structuring effect. Thanks to this strategic measure included in Québec’s Industrial Policy, gazelles can grow quickly and surely, and become our new flagships.”

Looking for 300 gazelles

Three hundred gazelles will be chosen over the next three years, at the pace of 100 per year.

They will receive an integrated service offer from the government, in partnership with a number of well-known organizations.

Businesses interested in applying have to meet certain criteria, such as being part of the manufacturing sector or the high-value-added tertiary sector, have been active for at least three years and have fewer than 250 full-time employees.

Small and medium-sized businesses can submit their qualification forms online, starting today, up to March 28, 2014.

Information about the selection of gazelles and promising businesses (in French)
Québec’s Industrial Policy for 2013-2017
External Trade Development Plan

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