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19 Mar 2014

Québec’s U.S. strategy: Essential role of government offices

GERIQ’s fifth symposium, held under the theme “Québec’s U.S. strategy: challenges and perspectives,” was co-chaired by professors Stéphane Paquin and Stéphane Roussel. Over 120 students and professionals attended the presentations.

The role of the Québec government offices in the United States was front and centre on March 10 during a symposium held at ENAP Montréal under the theme “Québec’s U.S. strategy: challenges and perspectives.”

Dominique Poirier, Québec Delegate General in New York, Alain Houde, Québec Delegate General in Los Angeles, and Isabelle Beaulieu, Director of the Québec government office in Washington, highlighted the strategic importance of the work of Québec government offices south of the border with respect to promoting and defending Québec’s interests in the United States.

Held by the Groupe d’études des relations internationales du Québec (GERIQ), part of the Montréal branch of Québec’s public administration school, École nationale d’administration publique (ENAP), the activity honed in on the key aspects of Québec’s efforts in the United States, including trade, energy, the environment and cross-border security.

The symposium was attended mainly by students, researcher and professors. They were able to enhance their awareness of strategic issues such as carbon-market deployment, transportation electrification and the promotion of Québec culture in the U.S.

Québec government office in New York
Québec government office in Los Angeles
Québec government office in Washington
Groupe d’études des relations internationales du Québec (GERIQ) (in French)
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