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21 Mar 2014

Great Lakes Commission: productive discussions on the transportation of oil and hazardous materials

Éric Marquis, Québec’s Delegate in Chicago.

The Great Lakes Commission (GLC) held its semi-annual meeting in Washington D.C. on March 4 and 5. One of the items on its agenda was the transportation of oil and hazardous materials in the Great Lakes region.

Éric Marquis, Québec's Delegate in Chicago, led a round table on this topic with a panel of experts. Productive discussions ensued between representatives from the scientific community, oil and maritime industries, environmentalists, and the commissioners of the member governments.

These discussions should provide inspiration for the work being done by the GLC, which is supposed to submit a strategic plan on this issue during the Commission’s next annual meeting in Buffalo in September.

The 10 member governments of the GLC (the 8 U.S. states of the Great Lakes, Ontario and Québec) have also adopted resolutions on other issues, including efforts to curb threats by aquatic invasive species such as the Asian carp.

They are now asking the United States Congress to provide the funding required for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative from 2015 to 2019.

Québec has been an associate member of the Great Lakes Commission since 1999. The GLC is very interested in the environmental and economic aspects of managing the Great Lakes basin and the St. Lawrence River.

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