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2 Dec 2014

The Québec Government Office in Paris celebrates its 50th anniversary

General programming for the celebratory activities of the 50th anniversary of the Québec Government Office in Paris in 2011 was unveiled on November 26 by Québec Premier Jean Charest. An overview of the programming is available at www.quebec.fr/50

Québec-France: an enterprising relationship

Since its inauguration in 1961 as the Maison du Québec by then Québec Premier Jean Lesage and French Minister of Culture André Malraux, the Québec Government Office in Paris has played a central role in building a direct and special relationship between Québec and France. At first, French-Quebecer cooperation was focused on education and culture, but has since expanded to now include the economy, science, technology and the social sector.

“The unique relationship between Québec and France is part of the evolution of our respective societies. It reflects our ambition, pride and attachment to our common heritage, which is more than a just a language, it is the spirit of a civilization,” stated Québec Premier Jean Charest.

Certain activities will involve actors and participants in French-Québec relations while others will target general and regional participation in France.

Québec Government Office in Paris

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